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ORIM in WF13

Ravensthorpe Community Childcare Pre-School

Increasing the dialogue between parents and practitioners

Led by Sabina Bashir, Zenab Latif and Karen Ecclestone.

We planned an exciting interactive event where families and children were invited to come in and learn with us. We talked to parents about when they would like to attend a learning event and they told us that a Saturday was best because then the whole family could come.

There were many activities where the children and the families could play and interact together. A key point was that practitioners would join in to model early literacy and talking with the children in English and heritage languages.

We made sure that every child’s heritage language was represented with books in the book area which parents told us that they found really welcoming. We let every family know that there would be a present for their child when they attended (a book and an early literacy pack).

On the day there were many activities, including

  • food tasting

  • playing games

  • playing on the maths bus

  • reading activities

  • playing in the continuous provision.

There was even a visit to Santa as the event was held close to Christmas. Every family attended with their child and used the “I would like to share with you!” sheets to tell us about their child’s home learning. These sheets were later added into the children’s learning journey books.

We have continued with the “I would like to share with you” sheets throughout the year as they have really increased the dialogue between the parents and practitioners. An important element was that parents were encouraged to share with us in their heritage language(s) if they wished and then the practitioners, or another parent, would help to translate.

One parent, for example, told us about how her child was responding to books at home.

This was written in Urdu:

The parents were so enthusiastic about our event that they asked us to keep initiatives going. We decided to make a lending library of games, books and homely items that would encourage parents to think about using the local environment for children’s learning.

For example, we made lotto games out of logos and had ‘recognition’ strings of photos for going on local walks. We made over 50 bags of resources and encouraged the families to come in with their children to choose games and books.

We emphasised to the parents that they needed to talk to their child about the choices that they made. We included the ‘I would like to share with you’ sheets in the bags and now have a wealth of evidence about what the children like to do at home. The bags have become so popular that the parents have started to ask us to make the kinds of games that they want. For example, a recent request was for a shape recognition game!

A couple of families said that they cannot make the time to come to the lending events so we also did two home visits taking the bags and reading materials to the parents. We made sure that we had the time to play with the children alongside the parents with the materials to model how the children could play and learn. Both parents enjoyed the visits and have asked for further resources.

Comments from parents

“I have lots of understanding now of how I can help my child at home. I liked the way you demonstrated and explained the games. It was very helpful!”

“Today was very good. When you see the teachers working so hard for the children it makes you think that you should do more! The packs will be very helpful! Thank you very much. Now I know that I can do things at home and that, if I give my child the time, then they will learn.”

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