ORIM based projects

Framework for early literacy

Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Models (2011–2012)

Practitioners who took part in the project:

  • Nicola Blatchly-Lewis, Shrewsbury Road Children’s Centre, Newham, London

  • Vanessa Blore, Farmilo Primary School and Nursery, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

  • Julie Bowles, Children’s Services Department, Eastbourne, East Sussex

  • Zhora Dabhad, Blenheim Pre-School, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

  • Kay Davies, The Learning Service, Deighton Centre, Huddersfield

  • Mandy Foster, Grace Owen Nursery School, Sheffield

  • Jacqui Hardie, Cleves Primary School, Newham, London

  • Rachel Hitchens-Orr, First Steps Nursery School, Sheffield

  • Annie Jones, Manor Children’s Centre, Sheffield

  • Andrea Lancaster, Bankwood Children’s Centre/Valley Park Children’s Centre, Sheffield

  • Hazel O’Neil, South Acton Children’s Centre, London

  • Sandie Piper, Uckfield Children’s Centre, East Sussex

  • Cheryl Pugh, First Start Children’s Centre, Sheffield

  • Yasmin Rifat, Gladstone Primary School, Peterborough

  • Clare Rowntree-Jones, Monteney Children’s Centre, Sheffield

  • Clare Slinn, Monteney Primary School, Sheffield

  • Katie Ward, Holmsdale Manor Nursery School, Ibstock, Leicestershire

  • Dylan Yamada-Rice, School of Education, the University of Sheffield

  • Jayne Walden, Tamworth Early Years Children’s Centre, Staffordshire

  • Sarah Williams, First Steps Nursery School, Sheffield

  • Sue Withey, Darnall Children’s Centre, Sheffield

Project leader and facilitators

  • Cathy Nutbrown, School of Education, the University of Sheffield

  • Helen Wheeler, National Children’s Bureau, London

  • Julia Bishop, School of Education, the University of Sheffield