ORIM based projects

Framework for early literacy

Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Models (2011–2012)


Blenheim Pre-School

Kay Davies of Kirklees LEA and Zohra Dabhad of Blenheim Pre-School in Dewsbury worked together to explore how the ORIM framework could promote ‘readerly behaviours’ in three and four year old bilingual children.

Farmilo Primary School and Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage manager Vanessa Blore used the project as an opportunity to support the early writing of four year old twin boys through home visiting. She also organised a reading workshop and home activities to encourage ‘booktalk’ within families at this Nottinghamshire primary school.

First Steps Nursery School

Environmental print was the inspiration for a series of very successful activities at this private nursery in Sheffield, organised by Rachel Hitchens-Orr and Sarah Williams.

Gladstone Primary School

Early learning mentor Yasmin Rifat worked with the parents of Punjabi-speaking children in Foundation Stage at this Peterborough primary school.

Grace Owen Nursery School

The collaboration of Mandy Foster at this Sheffield nursery school and Dylan Yamada-Rice of the University of Sheffield led to the use of the ORIM framework with images in the environment.

Holmsdale Manor Nursery

Pre-school teacher Katie Ward organised two evening workshops for parents at this Leicestershire nursery. Drawing on the ORIM framework, one event focused on early writing and the other on environmental print.

Manor Community Childcare Centre

Annie Jones is a teacher at this Sheffield Children’s Centre. She set up a ‘Read and Return’ book scheme encouraging families to borrow books for sharing at home. She has also undertaken home visits with specific families to support literacy development.

Monteney Primary School

At Monteney Primary School in Sheffield, Foundation Stage teacher Clare Slinn and Children’s Centre teacher Clare Rowntree-Jones used the ORIM framework to support families in their understanding and recognition of early writing. Their work involved home visiting and supported transition from nursery to school.

Sheffield Playbox Project

Three Sheffield Local Authority early years consultants used the ORIM framework to support two year olds in relation to play and learning.

South Acton Children’s Centre

South Acton Children’s Centre in London provides breakfast, lunch, after-school and holiday clubs for 60 children. Hazel O’Neil worked with staff to develop early writing bags and a leaflet on early writing, and to run a workshop on communication, language and literacy development.

Tamworth Early Years Children’s Centre

Tamworth Early Years Children’s Centre in Staffordshire provides a nursery school for children aged three to four years, day care for children aged one to three years, and an outreach service.

Using the ORIM framework with childminders in Hastings

Childminders are in a unique position to enable children to explore the environment and help children become competent readers and writers. Julie Bowles is the Childminding Improvement Officer at the Children’s Services Department, Eastbourne, East Sussex.